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tv   [untitled]    November 12, 2012 3:30am-4:00am EST

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and to give the fans hope for the second quarter the company. i hope will gain enough points to go into the winter break with our heads held high and after the break we will be participating in a relegation battle but will be trying to secure a place in the europa league. i twice former champions who would be in went six with a two nil win or was struggling with this idea that captain roman sure one of gave his side an early lead with a spectacular diving header and these riling midfielder bieber's not homemade tool from the sport six minutes before the final whistle. i am finally rostov seal their first win in seven league matches with a three nil victory over car former liverpool striker florence and i'm up on board probably did the cross and went on court is headed home after half an hour while eight in the second half could announce a lot and make it a chant that added two more to similar corrina when much to the joy of the home
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fans the russian premier league season has just reached its halfway point and the title battle seems to have turned into a three horse race. where many on top of the table wells in need have gone joy in second with angie just three points behind so with the winter break now just a month away the battle to go into its own top is just warming up on sunday and by the party must go. from the top of the table to the back of the action is the best of the rest. on monday brotherly love was put to one side as american twins damien and c.j. hope good went up against each other on the californian waves the siblings slug it out in the cold war to transfix earth meeting with damian gaining the upper hand but the set of three year old still couldn't make the semifinals as australia's tell you borrowed one the events. of.
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to say that on tuesday britain's prince charles and the doctors of cornwall watched on his green moon won the melbourne cup by len the world couple were attending australia's most prestigious horse race as part of their tour to mark queen elizabeth the second is diamond jubilee and camilla awarded the trophy to winner. while on wednesday at south pollard defendant rafael toi an amazing free kick during his side's last a time of the copper sort amerikana in brazil this thunderbolt flew in at a speed of around one hundred thirty kilometers per hour which is faster than a cheetah the strike was the home side's fourth goal as they trash holders versus bad the chilly five mill to reach the semifinals. and on thursday things turned quite ugly for
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a funny car driver as judge but was dogged exploded into a fireball in california the engine burst sending the bodywork flying but luckily the dead devil escaped unhurt and even went on to top that qualifying session but not before the engineers had spent the night with building his car and that and that's to be good enough to also help them seal his maiden championship title three days later. while on friday there was another goal this time arguably the ultimate team effort in a belgian league match twenty year old eye on the part of the spectacularly volley of home what proved to be the winner in the locker rooms too long when it's time to stand on the edge off of his teammates have made some sterling use of their own the skills the south african has now sprawled in four straight matches.
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and on saturday there was a great example of recycling as team oracle usa news pieces of their wrecked america's cup captain are out to compete in the san francisco stop of the but look time series as you see teams attempted to defy gravity in style appropriate up until november that was the winner with an impressive distance of almost sixty and a half meet. that on sunday was top goal that rory mcilroy hold a thirty foot eagle to finish third at the singapore open and ensure the twenty three year old becomes the youngest player to win both the u.s. and european money lists nineteen year old italian tayo nasser on shared some of the spotlight after also draining an ego at the third hour to be the first hasan and trying his third career title the record for a teenager. well we couldn't decide between two top stories
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on sunday afternoon to g.p. champion hole there enzo crashed out of the season ending valencia grown three which was won by fellow spaniard dani pedrosa however the incident didn't prevent renzo from dressing up to collect his second gold medal in three years at agana ceremony later that night. but. now too i suck and it's been two months since the lockout hit the n.h.l. with russia's brightest stars now shining in the k h l roberts' father am caught up with forward alexander ovechkin to find out what the move back home meant to him both on and off the ice. one man's disadvantage enough and they still want to else is the damage to look out left millions of how do you lovers in america without their favorite sport but now many fans across the atlantic have the good fortune to see some of the gloom of the cross plate in front of them in the continental
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hartley it's already been eight weeks since one with great rushes and xander came to reinforce he spoke up you know almost killed although it couldn't be done in a way by creating a dream line that says scale with not a russian superstar model that's a. scam of call. there but. where we got the relationship with syria. i talked to a time but. right now i'm here and you know i'm happy. was quick to just in a new league he scared killed davies so the great eight show no marks left showed that into his first point i did lose one and he has since added six goals and another seven assists before since it's a different hockey here and show. the. different guys different speed
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less contacts here not my hits but. frankly i don't change like a. person. where i play my best and i try to do my best to game might be a bit less physical in the good job than in the n.h.l. although the bigger rings have nothing to do with making it less competitive one of the world's best strikers claims in some respects it's even tougher to score in europe strong to sleep and so you came to the zone from the border you can sure the rich score goals from here it's very. tough to score because it's. a couple more metres off the skate and you can see the difference behind them. changing legs is not just about how good we do washington get old bench he collected almost all the major trophies. and. is now given the world's
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top player but didn't the pixie do are sumo skill back. the only problem with what i have and washington i miss it i miss my friends i miss my family. but again you're professional and if you have a time to relax you have to you have to use it but most the time you you know have . time to do some something crazy like you're always doing this somewhere if you grow up like a person i grew up like a player and sometimes when he was twenty years old i'm twenty one years old if you do some stuff what you know i would do it right now so. you learn from your mistakes you are from your life when. it's your preacher you know you. go out you can. do something crazy before the game because. you're healthy you have to be stay. saw. usually it's santorum.
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can move to the show when he was a boy we went do you. get. all. this change in the last seven years why are you still there but you seem to be focused. on our key. and staying on the ice and france might have made a step closer to having a team in the k h l after that actual side were narrow one only uses to russia second string in a friendly name all sky high this was quick to put france on the heavy pressure. by giving them an extra. edge of a visit just held firm but full minutes from the first into both russia and france from the piano five in from the blue on however the french then managed to hold off their opponents until the end of one and it finished and outcome and the performance that can benefit from these ends. players always want to go to
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the highest level they can and they know that a key a childless couple great at the top of a soul. i'd like to see it happen rather be up through the russian league teams to decide if one of our players is capable of playing at that level but i think there's a few guys i would like to try that well as a football one but state change the pot say well we have mountains more news including just such as one of those three of the soviet expedition to everest the latest from sub chain and some coloring advice from the issue out of the sea off the right.
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sure is that so much is going to trickle down to the earth but the reckoning is almost upon us by the end of this year the president of the united states and congress must come to some kind of time. welcome back to part two this for round up and we have issue with
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a little bit of history it's been such a years since the first soviet expedition reached the summit of everest the world's highest mountain and to mark the occasion the sudden decline as he reached the top where all that in moscow last thursday and we lived some of the unique experiences that constantine but out of. over the centuries everest has beckoned thousands of mountaineers experience and amateur the big was first climbed by a british expat ition in one thousand fifty three and it took a third twenty nine years for soviet climbers to conquer the summit however they did it in style choosing the hardest to root on the southwestern reach and to these day no one has yet to a bit of this period there that's where. for us it was a dream come true the peak of our climbing careers we didn't know what to expect as we hadn't had any experience of reaching peaks higher than seven and a half kilometers it was a real challenge for us and for all the climbing community as we climbed by one of
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the hardest groups and that was all thanks to our great team back home we were cheered like a limp dick champion. it was a big challenge especially difficult roads where i feel like i was a very safe. despite more than four thousand people climbing everest so far there are still thousands more who dream of doing it and as the mountaineer is themselves say once you've done it your dream of repeating it that's a possibility for not only everest but all mountains tempt you to come back i was like you to reach the top three times and i'd love to get there again at the bottom that it's like an addiction once you've been somewhere up in mountains you always think of coming back when i started mountaineering the idea of climbing everest began to haunt me is by technological improvements in weather prediction climbing equipment and physical fitness which has made it slightly easier to reach the world's highest peak it's still impossible to predict everything in the mountains and everest can present some extremely unpleasant surprises that is made us the
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mountain remains the same very challenging and demanding a lot of proper preparation is needed before attempting this it's extremely dangerous and mistakes are not forgiven in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven mountain is diet in one fell. the expedition as everest showed its deadly nature. and its because of such heavy risks scaling earth's highest big will always be a symbol of supreme courage which would be needed now is much as it was in one thousand nine hundred two if the feed is to be repeated constant in by the. now from the past to the future with the advent of the winter olympics and the twenty eighteen while cup stadium construction in russia has become a hot topic the country is undergoing a huge building program to get the venues ready and fun friendly such van cortlandt reports. russians in a period of transition to decades there was a lack of funding both only not the pitch however this is all changed as the
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country will host two of the biggest sporting events sort of the next few years the winter olympics and football's world cup until see football club's commercial director believes this is a fantastic opportunity for russia it's fantastic to see the. investment in infrastructure is a really big step change that will really develop the experience firsthand so it's fantastic see fantastic see the world cup coming to this part of world as well attendances a sporting event especially in moscow don't tend to be about heine tersely a number of facilities around dated or via arenas can often be difficult to get to two to moscow traffic. the weather also doesn't help with temperatures often dropping below freezing point as early as october and john beatty who's had over twenty years experience in stadium management says things need to change is very difficult because you've got to have the history of the sport within your country and you've got to have that fan base that was always there. i think you're being
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learned english from you know a good model probably look at a model of how to develop an idea and look at encouraging the fans back is the german model if you go back germany five years they crowd was diminishing they looked at that they took on board the fact that they needed to do something about it they built better stadiums they built better facilities they've lowered the ticket prices to actually encourage the fans there and when you actually look at melbourne this labor is one of the looming leagues that's around and it was a collective. reaction of a to a looked into it well we've got to do something as otherwise we're going to down there has been a slow realization in russia that in order for fans to come to the stadiums they need to be well looked after in north america going to a basketball or hockey game is an experience of a whole family which will enjoy even vo it can be expensive however in russian ones for fans are inside the stadiums there is often very little for them to do with
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a few exceptions as far as the facilities are concerned we never probably thought about building this sports facility as a commercial building and that's definitely what is mostly done in the united states and canada and in the united kingdom and that's where we have to learn so basically we have to make our money work in the sports business building as well as in the any commercial building and that's a completely new industry completely new sector and that will that's why we're here today under he was quick to point out the example of don't yet sc how a new stadium can rejuvenate a city the dumbass arena was opened in two thousand and nine and it's now one of the best stadiums in europe for sure if you do a good build. and if you do a nice friendly environment people act better and they saw it and then yes. crowd care of the change completely away as the effect of the new stadium because it's so good people don't want to spoil it feed interesting development of ice hockey in russia has been significant over the last few months but moscow clubs have always
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struggled to attract fans have been put off by poor arenas and an average standard of play however the cage gel is now booming given an influx of top notch players playing in fantastic stadium. and this is certainly a great model for russia to follow in the future to help develop in the country before you don't see. from memorable actions to unforgettable words it's the quotes of the week russia forward alexander cup already reveals life under coach fabio capello is much stricter than former boss dick advocaat and the italian isn't apparently a fan of room service capello is very tough says the korean under at the can't we were allowed to leave our hotel or order dinner to be delivered to our rooms none of this is possible with capello. but i am alright with this he adds it's the result that matters and that capello thinks this is the only way to succeed and not want to on. ac milan vice president abu dujana
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galliani reveals going gone gone over much to city strike that mario balotelli could result in a bad romance balotelli yes it's true that i love him bradley says galliani although it has been said that all the loves in one's life and well. while in her own words it looks like tennis ace maria sharapova has developed quite a taste the curry which the world number two admitted to on her first visit to the indian capital. paris show what i should have because i really want to have a great indian experience so i'm trying all the great food and i'm a very big fan of the culture from the second to arrive even those late there's so much energy in the city which i really love been in a really quiet areas in the last couple of weeks resting so it was nice to him to really come to a city that is just bursting into energy. and finally let's wrap up with the latest developments from the next winter games capital of sochi where the russians say in
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mountain resort pass the latest round of prelim pick test with flying colors as reminds us of reports. welcome to the words or olympics update that song is lighting sensor installed she was put to a pole to assist with some future calls from towards a six country. he's reaching speeds of over one hundred twenty kilometers an hour at the center is the first of its guides in russia designed specifically to host international tournaments and the building work has been completed a head of schedule and praise from the world renowned professionals and further proof that organizers are on the right track to. track you were a nice. feeling good school. most. beautiful place the most recent for them because city london is now calculating the benefits of the summer games in the u.k. the country's sports minister hugh robertson met his russian counterpart without him would call here in moscow and assured him that great britain's olympic
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expertise is now at russia's full disposal there is a fantastic opportunity at the moment for britain and russia to work together to nations that take sport very seriously you've got a very exciting sporting future in front of you you've had teams that have done very well in the paralympics we've got a lot in common and today is about i hope a very positive relationship that i have with you and your minister and a really positive relationship between the two countries that are running parallel to the olympic games is of course the paralympics with accessibility for fads and competitors high on the agenda now london held the most successful part of big games of all time and their excessive but it's a manager mark dog hopes that london's lessons will get transferred to the black sea resort of sochi as well what's really good is that there's a very strong paralympic sport movement in russia and unfortunately great britain in the medal table for the paralympic games book will will let you don't work but i
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think i think it's very very important to see a new country which has a good our olympic team people will certainly be a bit more interesting. especially winter sports you'll have a great legacy. arlin pete wentz balls so i hopefully that will help the so much winter olympics in twenty fourteen is just one of many and it's a fanatic event that will make russia the center stage for all sport over the next decade or so the country's athletes are expected to at least reach the podium at home with the public and private sectors working hard to provide the necessary environment for success but equally you thought more important is the legacy had to future generations federal programs for the development of physical culture and sport desired by the russian government for the next ten years while they aim not only to prepare winners but also ensure the promotion of a healthy lifestyle from an early age out let us then leave the building or sports reserves is one of our main goals of the issue deals closely with the general
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physical development of children teenagers and the youth we have achieved something in the sector throughout the past few years the number of stadiums and swimming pools is increasing we build dozens of playgrounds we need to set up a comprehensive system which would allow children to develop their sports skills and reveal talented and promising sportsmen among them from their early childhood we should start with preschool institutions where physical education classes are hardly provided our task is to build enough sports training facilities including those in mid mountain areas and provide them with the latest equipment and outfit that's all for this edition all fall winter olympics updates but be sure that we're looking at seeing you bringing you more as we edged closer to such as twenty four to a room on cost or at r.t. . and that's all from this post ask i have.
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